Garage Door Spring Repair

If your are having trouble opening your garage door, you may have a broken spring. We are experts in garage door spring repair. We offer Same Day Spring Repair service in most cases, whenever you are in Redding, Ca or surrounding areas.

Garage door springs are the most important part of your garage door, they are responsible for the raising and lowering of your garage door. When garage door springs break, they do need to be replaced. Since they are so important, you want to make sure you get them replaced properly.
You probably want to consider both quality and value when choosing a garage door company to service your garage door springs.


We don’t use the cheapest springs in the market. The job of garage door springs is important, so their quality is crucial.  Honesty and customer service is also very important to us.

We can provide and service the following:

  • Torsion Springs
  • Extension Springs
  • Replacement garage door springs for residential overhead garage doors
  • Residential garage door springs


Springs are usually mounted in pairs, and when dealing with a broken spring, we recommend changing both springs. Usually, springs installed on a garage door are the same age, when one brakes, it is safe to assume that the other one won’t last much longer. Another reason to replace them both at the same time, is that springs on both sides of the door should be of equal tension, this is needed to lift the door evenly, if not, it will wear and potentially damage the garage door motor.


Cost of Professional Replacement for Garage Door Springs

Type of spring: First, you have to consider that depending on the size and type of garage door you have, you are going to need different types of springs. And the springs are going to differ in price.
Quality of spring: High cycle springs like the ones we use, last longer!
The company you hire: The cost to replace broken springs vary from one company to another. Some try to lower costs, using springs of lesser quality or inferior performance, or even installing only one spring instead of two. For optimal performance, we never recommend doing so.

When replacing your broken springs, a professional may be able to identify other problems that might have caused the wear on the spring and correct it. We have professional garage door techs to do the job for you.
We have replacement garage door springs for residential overhead garage doors and most other residential garage doors.


Why Springs Break

  • Life cycle: They are manufacture to last, but like any other metal, our torsion springs are rated to perform 10,000 cycles (opening and closing your door = 1 cycle.)
  • Temperature: Changes of temperature affect the life of steel.
  • Lack of maintenance: Rust build up , deficiency in lubrication, or even grease build up on the garage door can shorten the life of a spring.
  • Improper installation

Signs of garage door spring damage or wear

  • Garage door isn’t opening or closing
  • Garage door stopping while opening
  • Door closing too fast
  • Garage door cables seem broken
  • Loud noise when the spring breaks
  • Elongated spring

Since they are responsible for the mechanics of lifting your door, and actually account for over 90% of the lift that is needed to raise a garage door, they handle a lot of weight and are under a lot of tension.
When garage door springs are working properly, your garage door will feel nearly weightless, but when one or both springs break, you will feel the full weight of your door, that could be over 200lb.

Garage door springs can be very dangerous!
Do not try to replace the springs yourself
Do not attempt to move the door manually, it could come crashing down with all it’s weight.

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